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Dr. Steven H. BullardSteven H. Bullard, Ph.D., Dean

phone: 936-468-3304 | | biography

Forest Economics, Forestry Investments

Dean Coble, Ph.D., Professor

phone: 936-468-2179 | | biography | homepage

Forest biometrics

Theresa Coble, Ph.D., Associate Professor

phone: 936-468-1354 | | biography | homepage

Recreation, resource managment,resource
interpretation, heritage tourism

Christopher Comer Ph.D., Associate Professor

phone: 936-468-2317 | | biography

Wildlife ecology and managment, population genetics

Warren Conway Ph.D., Professor

phone: 936-468-2090 | | biography

Wildlife managment, wetlands, wetland wildlife

Kenneth W. Farrish, Ph.D., Arnold Distinguished Professor,
"Director of Division of Environmental Science"

phone: 936-468-2475 | | biography | homepage

Forest soil ecology, forest soil productivity, maintenance
and enhancement, root system dynamics reclamation of 
disturbed lands, alternative right-of-way vegetation management

I-Kuai Hung, Ph.D., Associate Professor

phone: 936-468-2464 | | biography | homepage

(GIS) Geographic Information Systems & remote sensing in
natural resources, geospatial analysis, environmental planning

Matthew McBroom, Ph.D., Associate Professor

phone: 936-468-2469 | | homepage | vita

Forest hydrology, watershed management, wood science

Brian P. Oswald,  Ph.D.,  Joe C. Denman Distinguished Professor

phone: 936-468-2275 | | biography 

Fire ecology, silviculture, range management

Scognamillo2Daniel Scognamillo, Ph.D., Associate Professor

phone: 936-468-5993 | | biography

Wildlife Ecology and Conservation/Spatial Ecology

 Jeremy Stovall, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

 phone: 936-468-2127 | |  website | style guide

 Silviculture, Dendrology, and Forest Ecophysiology

Daniel Unger, Ph.D., Professor

phone: 936-468-2234 | | biography  

Remote sensing, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), & GPS

Dr. Yanli ZhangYanli Zhang Ph.D, Assistant Professor

phone: 936-468-2157 | | biography | homepage

Geographic Information System (GIS), remote sensing, GPS, GIS programming, environmental modeling, and water resources management.

Emeritus Faculty

The college of forestry has seven esteemed emeritus faculty, who continue to make significant contributions to the college.

Dr. Scott Beasley

   Scott Beasley, Ph.D.     

   Professor Emeritus | biography



fountain  Michael S. Fountain, Ph.D.        

  Professor Emeritus
| biography | homepage 

Dr. Micheal Legg

   Mike Legg, Ph.D.      

  Professor Emeritus | biography


James C. Kroll, Ph.D.     

Professor Emeritus |  biography | homepage | 


Paul H. Risk, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus |

R. Montague Whiting, Jr., Ph.D., Professor Emeritus |

Mingteh Chang, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus |


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