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NacogdoTREES was conceived by Dr. Shelby Laird and the below content was developed by Dr. Laird and Sarah Fuller. It is also available at

The Arthur Temple College of Forestry and Agriculture invites you to channel your inner forester by participating in the NacogdoTREES Competition. Nacogdoches is located in the heart of Texas Forest Country and is renowned for Stephen F. Austin State University's beautiful, tree-lined campus, as well as its numerous city parks and green spaces. Through this event, we encourage you to explore the over 700 combined acres of SFA campus and City of Nacogdoches parks and share the trees that are special to you. The event, open from September 8 to November 1, is open to SFA students, faculty, staff and the surrounding Nacogdoches community. Prizes will be awarded to submissions from each category.

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Why celebrate trees?

  • Trees cool our cities and homes, offsetting heat island effects by providing shade and releasing water vapor through their leaves. This not only adds to comfort, but provides energy savings for businesses and homeowners.
  • Trees protect and clean the water we drink by reducing runoff and providing a natural filtration and storage system. According to a National Research Council report, forests process nearly two-thirds the U.S. water supply.
  • Trees promote soil health by reducing erosion and providing organic material for the millions of microorganisms that call it home.
  • Trees provide valuable wildlife habitat, ranging from tiny amphibians to large mammals.
  • Trees provide jobs through a variety of forest-related industries including forest and park management, wildlife management and renewable energy.
  • Trees improve your mental and physical health. Studies have indicated that hospital patients with a view of the outdoors, specifically trees, recovered more rapidly, had fewer complaints and required less pain medication. Furthermore, time in green spaces has been shown to reduce Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) symptoms in children and improve individual health.

Competition Resources

Entry Form and Maps

Entry Form

SFA Trails and Gardens Map

City of Nacogdoches Parks: Location Map

City of Nacogdoches Parks: Addresses

City of Nacogdoches Parks, Trails and Lakes Tree

Identification and Measurement Guides

SFA Dendrology Home Page

Texas A&M Forest Service Tree ID Guide

Watch Dr. Dean Coble and Jason Grogan illustrate how to measure tree height

Watch Dr. Dean Coble and Jason Grogan illustrate how to measure average crown diameter

Explore the history of forestry in Texas through the Texas Forestry Museum


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