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genForestryThe Bachelor of Science in Forestry offers the General Forestry emphasis to provide students with the opportunity to specialize in one of a variety of career fields including, Forest Fire Management, Range Management, Spatial Science, and Urban Forestry.

The General Forestry degree plan is built upon the framework of the Society of American Foresters accredited Forestry Core. Included in that core is a six semester-hour Field Station that each Forestry student attends after completing their 300 level (Junior) courses.


Individually Tailored Programs


  • Fire Management prepares students to apply the science and practice of prescribed burning and wildfire management in forest ecosystems.
  • Forest Range Management, combines Forestry and Agricultural management to create integrated, diverse, productive, and sustainable land-use systems. 
  • Urban Forestry prepares students to resolve issues in urban forest environments and equips them with techniques that enable them to establish, maintain, and manage individual trees and forests that are found within those areas.

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