Arthur Temple College of Forestry and Agriculture

rangeManageThe Bachelor of Science in Forestry degree with an emphasis in Agroforestry is a 130 semester-hour program that prepares graduates for success in the Agroforestry and Range Management.

Graduates with a BSF in Agroforestry are prepared to manage forests and their associated renewable natural resources for multiple uses that include grazing of domestic stock and wildlife, forage production and forest products and for a number of other values people derive from those lands.

Graduates with the Agroforestry emphasis are eagerly sought by employers in federal, state and private sectors.

The major faculty for the BSF with emphasis in Agroforestry is Dr. Brian Oswald. 


Agroforestry Degree Plan

Agroforestry Chronology


Society of Range Management  

The Society of Range Management is the professional society dedicated to supporting persons who work with rangelands and have a commitment to their sustainable use. 

National Agroforestry Center

The National Agroforesty Center accelerates the application of agroforestry through a national network of partners. Together, we conduct research, develop technologies and tools, coordinate demonstrations and training, and provide useful information to natural resource professionals.

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