Arthur Temple College of Forestry and Agriculture

Photo: Field cruise at work

Forest management represents the process of how to use forest resources to meet goals defined by landowners and society. Forest management artfully blends several scientific disciplines to achieve these goals. A forest manager must understand how plants and animals interact with their environment, possess a long-range view of a forest plan, adapt to constantly changing economic conditions, and perceive the social interactions of people with the forest. Most importantly, a forest manager must recognize the forest as a dynamic entity that intimately links people, plants, and animals in a common community.

The Forest Management major in the Arthur Temple College of Forestry at Stephen F. Austin. The course of study emphasizes management of forest for wood products, wildlife habitat, recreational opportunities, and water quality. Students graduate with a clear understanding of how to meet goals defined by landowners and society while maintaining the ecological integrity of forests.

Forest Management Degree Plan

Forest Management Chronology