Arthur Temple College of Forestry and Agriculture

image 6483441.JPGRebeca Rodriguez, a senior studying human dimensions of natural resources, is sharing her love of outdoor recreation with attendees of The Pines Catholic Camp located in Big Sandy, Texas, through August 5th. We caught up with her in between leading rope courses to learn more about her experience as a counselor.

Tell us more about The Pines summer camp.
The Pines mission statement is “To empower each person through the richness of the Catholic faith, to live joyfully, and to confidently build the Kingdom of God.” We keep this in mind everyday as we lead activities, prayer services, and small group sessions.

I thought Field Station was tough because it’s six weeks of the summer in the hot Texas sun, but this summer is more challenging. During Field Station we’re only outside for six weeks at the beginning of the summer. Being at The Pines for eleven weeks has prepared me for being outdoors year round, in all weather conditions.

Has your time as a counselor provided any perspective on your future career plans?
My time here has giving me insight to outdoor recreation that doesn’t have to do with state or national parks service. Working here has opened a whole new door to job opportunities. My favorite thing about this job is watching the campers grow throughout the week. They start the week unsure of themselves, but as the week goes on they become more comfortable with each other and open up to new possibilities. 

How did you learn about this camp?
I heard about this job through my friend Hannah. She worked here last summer and she never stopped talking about it. I loved to see how camp constantly challenged her, and seeing her love for it made me want to apply as well.