Arthur Temple College of Forestry and Agriculture

IMG 0984reducedUrban forestry senior Dylan Adkins helped make Texas’ largest city a bit greener through his ten-week internship with Bartlett Tree Experts in Houston. Now that he is back on campus, we asked him to reflect on the experience.

What were your duties as an intern with Bartlett?
On most days, I was a groundsman. My responsibility was to assist the foremen/climbers by maintaining a safe and pedestrian-free drop zone by dragging and chipping brush and sending any needed equipment up into the trees. Once I completed proper training, I used chainsaws and polesaws on a daily basis. They taught me how to make the right cuts when pruning and also how to fell trees for removals. During my last two weeks I was able to climb trees using a climbing rig and prune from up in the tree.

How was this experience beneficial to your undergraduate career?
This experience has greatly benefited me by showing me exactly what to expect once I graduate. The internship has solidified in my mind that I made the right choice for my career. Getting hands-on lessons from professionals at Bartlett was an amazing learning experience. I’m very excited to work for them post-graduation.

What was your favorite part about the internship?
Whether felling a mature tree or piecing apart brush, using the chainsaw was always my favorite part of the job. Bartlett heavily emphasizes that safety is the most important aspect of the job. They sent us to Austin for dinner and a training day where we learned how to properly use and care for chainsaws along with other groundsman training. There were also multiple days where I was able to ride around with a sales representative for the company and see what they do on a daily basis. This was extremely helpful to me, as becoming a sales representative is my ultimate goal post-graduation.

The company culture was also one of the best things about the internship. The company takes good care of their workers by listening to their needs, concerns and ideas. On my last day, the office had a barbecue to celebrate. They did an amazing job of making me feel like an important and valued part of the company. Every employee I encountered at Bartlett was eager to put me to work and teach me. They have an amazing company culture and always put safety first. I can’t recommend the Bartlett Tree Experts enough.

How did you learn about the internship?
I attended a couple of career fairs in the forestry building during my previous two semesters, and I spoke to Bartlett representatives both times. Everyone seemed to possess a genuine passion for tree care and their profession. They always seemed very interested in obtaining future interns/employees that have good work ethics and share the same passions they do.