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photocollage 2In 2003, Stephen F. Austin State University and the National Park Service initiated a one-of-a-kind graduate program devoted to providing superior training in the art and science of resource communications. Over the past decade, our distance education program has supported hundreds of students from across the U.S. as they advanced their careers and honed the skills of research, communication and resource interpretation. Our graduates hold some of the highest positions at a number of our nation’s most renowned national parks, including Grand Teton, Kenai Fjords, Glacier and Saguaro.

As the program progresses to meet the needs of all resource professionals, as well as the public they serve, we are adapting the curriculum to provide a more holistic emphasis on resource communication, broadening our scope beyond the boundaries of our National Parks. Upcoming amendments to the program will provide key communication skills for the expansive, modern world of resource management.

Whether you are a biologist, park ranger or historian, our curriculum will provide you with a range of techniques and skills needed to effectively connect with an array of modern audiences.

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