Arthur Temple College of Forestry and Agriculture

studentlifeWhat is student life like in the Arthur Temple College of Forestry and Agriculture at SFA?


Student Experiences

Tree care in Texas' largest city

Forest management with Weyerhaeuser

Environmental responsibility with Oncore Electric

Resource management across the state with Texas A&M Forest Service

Fire fuel load data collection in the Netherlands

Outdoor recreation at The Pines summer camp

Nature education in Alaska

Spatial science technology in the oldest town in Texas

Forest management with Rayonier

Tree care in Colorado

Urban forestry on the Massachusetts Cape

Volunteering at Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge

Horticulture, Natural Resources and Tourism in the Netherlands, Summer 2017

Wildlife conservation and monitoring in Wyoming, Summer 2016

Tree Shepherds internship: Caring for Texas' urban landscape

Summer in the Swedish Lapland

Summer in Montana's Flathead National Forest

Outreach and education with the Houston Audubon Society

Professional conferences: Building relationships, inspiring future careers


Academic Guidelines and Forms

The journey to complete a four-year college or a post-graduate education can be intimidating. There are some curriculum guidelines, degree plans, and articles to help you steer through this exciting path.


Student Organizations

Currently there are 8 student organizations within the college. Each has its unique focus. The student-run organizations range from the fostering of professional interactions and promoting the mastery of forestry skills, to facilitating college-student interactions.


Job Openings

Many job and internship opportunities exist for all students. The ATCOFA maintains a web page with up to date opportunities for permanent and seasonal jobs.



Graduate Handbook

Ralph W. Steen Library