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The M.S. program requires a minimum of 24 semester hours of graduate course work and 6 semester hours of thesis research and writing for a total of 30 semester hours. This program allows students to obtain a specialized advanced degree in any of the subject areas within the Arthur Temple College of Forestry and Agriculture (ATCOFA), including Forest Management, Forest Economics, Recreation Management, Resource Interpretation, Wildlife Management, Agroforestry, Wood Science, Urban Forestry, Forest Entomology, Hydrology, Forest Ecology, Silviculture, Soil Science and Spatial Science. The M.S. degree program is appropriate for students who have an undergraduate degree in forestry or a related field and also for students with degrees in other areas. Background work may include courses in each of the following areas: Forest Biology, Forest Resources Inventory, Social Forestry, Forest Ecosystem Management and Forest Resources Administration.

Master of Forestry

The M.F. degree is a non-thesis program that requires a minimum of 38 semester credit hours of graduate course work.  A final comprehensive exam (either written, oral or both) is required during the last semester of enrollment.

Advisory Committee and Degree Plan

Immediately after admission and enrollment during the first semester, students must consult their major professor and develop an advisory committee. This committee will consist of no fewer than three members of the graduate faculty; two must be from the ATCOFA. The advisory committee, chaired by the major professor, will then assist the student in the development of a degree plan that includes any required background courses and graduate course work needed for the students field of interest. This degree plan should be filed with the Associate Dean during the first semester. Subsequent duties of the advisory committee are to assist the student in the development of a formal research proposal (applicable only to M.S. students) that should be completed prior to initiating the research activity and to serve as the examining committee. It is the student's responsibility to insure that all paperwork is completed prior to deadlines as stipulated in the university calendar.


Forms and guidelines for master's students

Application for Admission to Graduate School
Graduate Bulletin (Spring 2014)
Master of Science (MS) Degree Plan

Master of Science in Resource Interpretation Degree Plan

Spatial Science Minor Form
Forestry Minor Form
Petition to Change Graduate Degree Plan
Thesis Proposal Approval Form
Thesis Proposal Approval Form Co Major Professor
Request for a Thesis Exam
Request for a Thesis Exam Co-Major Professor
Request for a Comprehensive Non-Thesis Exam
Report of Thesis Exam
Report of Thesis Exam Co-Major Professor
Report of a Comprehensive Non-Thesis Exam
Senior Year Overlap Graduate Program
Application for an Assistantship

Guidelines for a successful Ph.D Program
Guidelines for a successful thesis based Master's Program
Guidelines for a non-thesis based Master's Program
Guidelines for purchasing
Guidelines for travel


Spring 2014 Important Dates and Deadlines

04/18/14 - Thesis/Dissertation drafts to be completed and
                  checked by the Graduate School for                       graduate/doctoral students completing work    
                  for degrees in May 2014.
                  APPLICATIONS for thesis/dissertation exams
                  are due in the Graduate School.

05/02/14 -  Last day to have a thesis/dissertation exam.
                  Results of examinations to be file in the
                  Graduate School.

05/10/14 - Commencement

05/14/14 - Deadline for all deficient work to be submitted
                 and entered into system.

For more information you may contact the Registrar's Office at 936-468-2335 or go to their website:
Deadlines and Graduation Instructions










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