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Fifth International Fire Ecology and Management Congress

December 3-7, 2012 members of the Stephen F. Austin State University Student Association for Fire Ecology traveled to Portland, Oregon for the Fifth International Fire Ecology and Management Congress.

Students attended workshops, made valuable contacts, and saw presentations from faculty, students and professionals from around the world. According to students, research and professional presentations were diverse, offering new insight into differing aspects of fire ecology at both the international and regional level.


Faculty and students from the Arthur Temple College of Forestry and Agriculture were among those giving presentations. Mike Tiller, S.A.F.E. chapter president, National S.A.F.E treasurer, and SFA master’s student, presented his research on the effects of Chinese privet, Chinese tallow, and yaupon on surface fuel volatility in east Texas. SFA student Earl Bryan presented information from a wildland fuels assessment that he and three other students conducted in the Netherlands. SFA student Stephen Goodfellow presented a poster about SFA’s S.A.F.E. chapter.

Dr. Chris Comer, associate professor of forestry, presented research on deeprooted sedge seed bank response to prescribed fire and moist soil treatments. Dr. Brian Oswald, Joe C. Denman Distinguished Professor, Regents Professor and Association of Fire Ecology, presented an overview of the fire ecology and fire management research program at SFA. Oswald was reelected as president of AFE for 2013.


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