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A Practical Guide to Producing and Harvesting White-tailed Deer

Considered by many as the bible of deer management. In here you will find 590+ pages packed full of everything you need to know about managing and hunting whitetails. Part One covers what Dr. Kroll feels you need to know about deer biology to effectively hunt or manage the white-tailed deer. Part Two starts with the premise: "Well, now that you've grown them, how do you harvest those trophy bucks?" Hunting methods such as patterning, calling, rattling, stand placement and effective use of scents are discussed in detail. Part Three deals with a very important aspect of deer management--people management. Whether dealing one on one with the anti-hunter or organizing and running a hunting club, this part of the book will be of great benefit. ($39.95 + 12.00 S/H)

The Art and Science of Patterning Whitetails
by and Gordon Whittington

Patterning Whitetails is perhaps the most awaited book in whitetail hunting history! Written by two of the recognized authorities on white-tailed deer, the book covers in detail the "last frontier" in deer hunting--the art and science of patterning mature white-tailed deer. ($24.95 + 12.00 S/H) 

This in-depth book will teach you to:

  • Scout faster and more effectively than ever
  • Read all types of deer sign and know what it's telling you
  • Develop a feel for the overall pattern of deer movement on the land you hunt
  • Select stand sites with greater confidence that you'll be there when the deer are there
  • Adjust your hunting pattern to keep up with changes in deer patterns

Solving the Mysteries of Deer Movement by and

Designed as a companion text for The Art and Science of Patterning Whitetails, this book gives you confidence in significantly improving your chances at a real trophy next season. More than two decades of research are culminated in this book. Using thousands of observations, automated telemetry and infared-triggered cameras in several states, Kroll and Koerth methodically disect whitetail movements. ($29.95 + 12.00 S/H)

  • Does the moon really affect movement?
  • What determines the rut?
  • How predictable is the whitetail?
  • How to schedule hunting trips.
  • How to use the deer's greatest weakness to your advantage.

Food Plots and Supplemental Feeding
by and

Finally, there's a book that tells you exactly how and what to plant for deer, in a no-nonsense, easy to read format. Unlike other publications about supplemental feeding, Food Plots and Supplemental Feeding deals with effective strategies to significantly improve the quality of deer on your land, without wasting time or money. Revised from The Southern Food Plot Manual, this edition covers exactly how and what to plant over the range of the species. ($29.95 + $12.00 S/H)

Important How-to topics include:

  • Forage or plant combinations best for your situation
  • The best way to plant your plots--till, no-till, or low-till
  • Understanding fertilization and other soil treatments
  • Equipment
  • Maintaining food plots
  • Minerals, feeds and choosing feeder designs
  • Economics of supplementally feeding deer
  • Hunting strategies


Aging and Judging Trophy Whitetails by

Aging and Judging Trophy Whitetails is a "must read" for every whitetail enthusiast--hunter and non-hunter alike. Containing almost 300 color photographs taken by five of the nation's most respected wildlife photographers, this book finally reveals Dr. Kroll's secrets for aging and judging whitetails in the field. ($39.95 + 12.00 S/H) 

Dr. Kroll methodically takes you through:

  • The thought process involved in aging live deer
  • Aging harvested deer using tooth wear and replacement
  • A self-test to guage your aging and judging ability
Whitetail Video Management Series
VIDEO COVER Volume 1: Food Plots and Supplemental Feeding A no-nonsense, informative video that goes beyond hype and sales gimmicks to give you real facts about what you can do to improve your deer herd. The tape is logically organized to take you from the basics of deer nutrition to the various strategies that have been shown by years of whitetail research to be cost-effective in improving the productivity and quality of whitetails. (VHS -$12.95 + $7.00 S/H) (DVD - $12.95 + $10.00 S/H)

Detailed presentations include:

  1. summer and winter feed plots
  2. mineral supplements: what, when, where?
  3. fertilizing native forages
  4. feeds and feeding, including feeder designs and location
VIDEO COVER Volume 2: Aging and Judging Trophy Whitetails Covers one of the most asked-about topics in whitetail hunting and management today! As interest in quality deer management and trophy hunting explodes across the country, there is a need for education in aging deer, both before and after the harvest. Trophy management programs require the hunter to age and judge a buck on the hoof, often in a few short seconds. This video logically discusses the criteria you can use to age bucks, and includes footage of hundreds of bucks of various ages for your education and enjoyment. (VHS - $12.95 + $7.00 S/H) (DVD - $12.95 + $ 7.00)

Specific topics include:

  1. how to age deer by their teeth
  2. judgin antlers at a glance
  3. field aging bucks from fawn to maturity
VIDEO COVER Volume 3: Record Keeping Deals with the how-to's of one of the most important aspects of deer management. This video gives you sound advice on establishing a record-keeping system that allows you to evaluate progress in your management program. (VHS - $12.95 + $7.00 S/H) (DVD - $12.95 + $ 10.00)

Topics discussed include:

  1. setting goals
  2. basic whitetail harvest records--age, weight, antler measurements and reproductive performance
  3. incidental sightings
  4. record forms
Volume 4: Scoring Trophy Whitetails This impressive video presents in-depth information that will help you use the Boone and Crockett scoring system, so that you can see how your deer racks stack up against those in the record book. Whether you want to measure a deer or simply look at awesome antlers, you'll find plenty of solid information in this video. ( (VHS - $12.95 + $7.00 S/H) (DVD - $12.95 + $ 10.00)

Topics include:

  1. materials needed for measuring racks
  2. understanding and completing a score sheet
  3. taking measurements the proper way
  4. dealing with judgement calls in scoring
  5. adding up the final score on your rack
  6. where to get your deer officially measured

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