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David & Jo Treadaway, Co-Directors PWCC
336 CR 473
Broaddus, TX 75929
Phone: (409) 584-2412

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GPS Coordinates: Use with caution

N 31 07.547’  W 094 06.530’ Elevation: 429'

The GPS coordinates are correct but Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, Map Quest, and other mapping applications may lead you to the wrong address.  Please print a map.

We believe that if you will take a moment and read this, it will make your stay at the Piney Woods Conservation Center (PWCC) much more enjoyable and answer many questions. First, let me explain that the PWCC is not a motel. It is a Conservation Center located in the Angelina National Forest on the shores of Sam Rayburn Reservoir. It was constructed in 1985 for Stephen F. Austin State University’s College of Forestry. The facility is used year round by the university, private groups, reunions, church groups, associations, etc…..

PWCC - Canoe

Be sure to bring your rod and reel because we have a 6 acre lake that is stocked with bass and catfish. You can take pictures of your catch but then you got to put them back in the lake. Also, we have a pool table, ping pong, jogging/walking trail, canoes, kayak, campfire pit and rocking chairs. We have adult life preservers, therefore if you have small children that want to canoe, please bring their life preservers.

The PWCC offers all you need for group getaways: comfortable living quarters, excellent food service, and various types of meeting areas. The Center is capable of accommodating 128 people with sleeping quarters arranged in suites, two rooms sharing one bathroom. Two dining rooms are located at the lodge area, one seats 150 people; the other seats 70. High quality meals at affordable prices are prepared and served from a modern kitchen. Our meals are rated excellent in quality and quantity by participants. The cooks can design meal plans to meet your desires. Four meeting rooms are available; two are centrally located within the dormitory buildings; one is located between the two dormitories; and one adjacent to the lodge. Our meeting rooms can accommodate up to 150 people and come equipped with audio-visual equipment.

Dorm Rooms:
The dormitories are set up as suites, two bedrooms sharing one bathroom. Therefore, you may be sharing a bathroom with other participants. Bathrooms are equipped with two sinks and mirrors, a shower and a toilet.

A coke machine is located at the end of Dorm B. The ice machine is in the lodge kitchen. Outside of each dorm room and under the canopy there are many rocking chairs. If needed, you are welcome to use our washers and dryers located in each dorm.

Most conservation centers will not allow vehicles in their dormitory areas. Originally, the PWCC was designed for all vehicles to park in the main parking lot at the highway and walk to your dorm room. Thankfully, we have just completed a new parking lot at the Lodge. If you cannot locate a parking spot, you will have to park in the main large parking lot located at the highway entrance. However, you may drive to your room to unload your luggage. We have a few Handicapped Parking spaces located in the dormitory area and we ask that these be used exclusively for this purpose.

Telephone service and computer service:
Our cell service is much improved over the years but still you might have to find a place for the strongest signal. It is very rural and in a National Forest. Our Center’s telephone number is (409) 584-2412. A telephone is located in the lobby of the main lodge building for your use during your stay. You might want to bring a long distance phone card with you.  We do have "WiFi" wireless computer access in the lodge/office/dining room area of the facility.

Class at the PWCC

PWCC Dorms

Because of the popularity of the Piney Woods Conservation Center (PWCC) reservations must be made in advance. For more information call (409) 584-2412, visit or fill out our online reservation request form. A full packet of instructions will be forwarded to you. The instruction packet will contain a menu for the selection of meals of various price ranges. Exact cost figures will be quoted when reservations are made. (There is a minimum group size of 20 for meals.)


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