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Forestry faculty conduct research from local to national scales in many aspects of forest resources. A common theme across all these studies is that they use scientific approaches to solve forest resource management problems.


McBroom | D. Coble | Farrish | Hung | Kronrad | Kulhavy | Oswald | Unger | Williams

Nearly all faculty in Forestry address some aspect of forest science in their research. Studies commonly address the effect of management practices in the structure and function of forest ecosystems. Research areas include forest ecology, fire ecology, ecophysiology, soils, silviculture, growth and yield, forest products, forest hydrology, wetland ecology, forest pests and health, GIS and remote sensing, forest economics, carbon sequestration, agroforestry, environmental science, and urban forestry.


Conway | Kroll | Comer | Scognamillo

Several faculty study many aspects of wildlife biology and management. Studies focus on the linkages between the wildlife and their habitat, and how management affects these linkages. Research areas include reptiles, small mammals, upland game birds, non-game birds, and large game mammals.


Human Dimensions

T. Coble | Stephens Williams

The faculty members who conduct research on human dimension issues on natural resource management apply theories and methods of social science to help understand the cultural, sociological, psychological, economic, biological, and physical aspects of natural resource management and environmental problem solving. Several of the topic areas include resource interpretation, communication, policy making, and decision-making processes. For more information contact Dr. Pat Stephens Williams.

Spatial Science

Hung | Unger | Scognamillo | Zhang 

Faculty in spatial sciences employ a theoretical and practical application of aerial photo interpretation, satellite remote sensing, geographic information systems and global positioning systems. Studies focus on applying spatial science to quantify, qualify, map, monitor and manage forested and non-forested resources from a spatial perspective.



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