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The Sylvans

A social organization dedicated to establishing "espirit de corps" among all College of Forestry students. They organize and promote work projects to fund student events including the annual forestry skills competition among all Southern Forestry Schools (Conclave).  Dr. Jeremy Stovall is the adviser.

Society of American Foresters (SAF)

The Student Chapter of the Society of American Foresters is a professional organization whose purpose is to 1) encourage involvement by students in the Society’s activities; 2) provide opportunities for contact with professional foresters on a business and social level; 3) allow for greater professional participation in leadership roles in Society affairs; and 4) demonstrate the functions and obligations of a professional organization.  Dr. Jimmie Yeiser and Dr. Pat Stephens Williams are the advisers.

The Wildlife Society (TWS)

The objectives of The Wildlife Society are to develop and promote sound stewardship of wildlife resources and of the environments upon which wildlife and humans depend; to take an active role in preventing human-induced environmental degradation; to increase awareness and appreciation of wildlife values; and to seek the highest standards in all activities of the wildlife profession.   Dr. Warren Conway, Dr. Chris Comer and Dr. Daniel Scognamillo are the advisers.

Park and Recreation Club (PARC)

PARC is a professional organization which fosters the advancement of conservation education and natural resource communication through activities such as visiting interpretive sites around Texas, publishing a biannual newsletter, attending the regional workshop, and hosting our own interpreter’s workshop. Dr. Pat Stephens Williams is the adviser.

Xi Sigma Pi

The objectives of Xi Sigma Pi are to secure and maintain a high standard of scholarship in forestry education, to work for the improvement of the forestry profession, and to promote a fraternal spirit among those engaged in activities related to the forest.

Membership is by invitation only. Eligibility requirements include 3.0 GPA or above and a minimum of 74 credit hours, with at least 10 hours in Forestry.  Dr. Matthew McBroom is the adviser.

National Association of Environmental Professionals (NAEP)

The National Association of Environmental Professionals is a student chapter of the national organization that is committed to achieving "the highest standard of ethics and competency within the environmental professions." The organization acts to provide a network for communications among colleagues in industry, academe, and the private sector. NAEP’s primary goal is to be a resource for career development of the student membership as an environmental professional.  Dr. Ken Farrish is the adviser.

S.A.F.E (Student Chapter of The Association for Fire Ecology)

S.A.F.E. was formed in 2003 as a chapter of The Association for Fire Ecology. It is the professional organization for those interested in fire ecology and the use of fire in natural resource management. The Student Fire Fighting Crew is part of S.A.F.E., and is available to assist the U.S. Forest Service, Texas Parks and Wildlife, and other organizations with prescribed burns or wildland fire fighting. Dr. Brian Oswald is the advisor.

Student Society of Arboriculture

The Student Society of Arboriculture is one of the five recognized professional affiliates of the International Society of Arboriculture. The SSA serves as a link between professionals in the tree care and "green" industries and students. The SFA chapter has a combined membership made up of forestry and horticulture students.  Dr. David Kulhavy is the adviser.

SFA Student Chapter Ducks Unlimited

The purpose of the SFA Chapter of Ducks Unlimited (DU) is to inform students about North American wetlands and the many important way each person can help in their conservation, restoration, and protection. The major goals of the SFA chapter are increase student body membership with DU and to raise funds for Ducks Unlimited Incorporated.  Dr. Warren Conway is the adviser.

Texas Trophy Hunters Association

Texas Trophy Hunter Association is an organization for sportsmen by sportsmen.  Our mission is the dissemination of information regarding hunting to the public.   SFA is an integral part of the college division of TTHA chapters.   We are one of the fastest growing chapters in the state and by being involved at the state and local level, with voluteer efforts in scientific research and white-tail deer management, there are no limits for our possibilities.  This organization is open to all students.  Dr. James Kroll is the advisor.

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